Quality Packaging Products by MIPAQ

MIPAQ has been an integral part of the Southern African Packaging industries for many years. As a major importer and distributor of packaging equipment, machinery and specialised consumables we have incredible experience when it comes to meeting your packaging needs.

MIPAQ's stable of branded industrial grade quality products includes VECTOR shrink film, , MEC heat sealers, EXCELL dispensers, and many more. Please visit www.mipaq.co.za for more information about our  extensive product range.


AIR-LOC Protective Packaging

AIR-LOC products form part of our CONTOUR film range, which includes our incredibly successful and popular VECTOR polyolefin shrink film.

AIR-LOC protective Air Cushion film and equipment is our latest addition to our  stable of products and provides a high quality and affordable void packaging solution.

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